U.S Green Card Eligibility Categories

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Building up the life partner’s qualification for a green card

The How to get Green Card?. government pursues two distinct procedures to decide a life partner’s qualification for a marriage-based green card. The correct procedure relies upon where that mate right now lives:


In the event that the mate looking for a green card physically lives in the United States, the subsequent stage is to record Form I-485 (authoritatively called the “Modification of Status” application). The I-485 is recorded with USCIS, and its main role is to build up that the life partner is qualified for a green card.

Basic components of an I-485 recording bundle include:

Government recording expenses of $1,225 (counting $1,140 for the green card application and $85 for biometrics)

Confirmation of nationality of the life partner looking for a green card (duplicate of birth endorsement and international ID photograph page)

Verification of legal section to the United States by the companion looking for a green card (duplicate of I-94 travel record and earlier U.S. visa)

Restorative assessment performed by a USCIS-affirmed specialist

Confirmation of the supporting life partner’s capacity to monetarily bolster the mate looking for a green card (counting Form I-864, or “Affirmation of Support,” and proof, for example, assessment forms and pay stubs)

For life partners of U.S. residents, this I-485 recording bundle can as a rule be joined with the I-130 structure and supporting archives portrayed in Step 1 over (a procedure known as “simultaneous documenting”). USCIS normally forms this simultaneous recording inside 9–11 months.

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