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At the point when my nephews desire a visit, here and there it gets extremely difficult to engage them. My niece is continually getting some information about what game we could play. That question isn’t anything but difficult to answer since I don’t have the foggiest idea about a great deal of games to play with them. We wind up playing similar games over and over. Her most loved is find the stowaway.

At that point I contemplated conventional Korean 부스타빗. They’re anything but difficult to play and fun simultaneously. The rundown is tremendous, yet I attempt to abbreviate it to games that I’ve just observed on assortment TV shows like “Running Man,” or my top pick, “Two Days, One Night.” They’re perfect to play with the family. Here’s my rundown.

Yut (윷/윷놀이)

Yut or yunnori is a conventional Korean game played nearby Lunar New Year’s. ( DB)

Yut or yutnori is a conventional game with a huge history behind it. The game comprises of a “stick dice,” four wooden sticks that are level on one side and adjusted on the other. Every player or group alternates to toss the yut sticks.

You can discover yut sets at any Korean general store, or even at stores out in the nation. Sets incorporate eight playing tokens, four for each group. Five blends of the “tossing sticks” are conceivable: do, gae, geol, yut and mo. On the off chance that a player gets a yut or a mo, they’re permitted to toss the sticks once more. At the point when a board piece arrives on a spot involved by an adversary, it’s come back to the beginning position and there’s another chance to toss a yut.

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