Dentysa Introduces OroTox test to Detect Toxins after Root Canal

Dentysa Introduces OroTox test to Detect Toxins after Root Canal

Photo-refinophobia , patient’s fear of acute light. It can disrupt the course of dental treatment if it appears in response to a bright beam of light from the lamp illuminating the dentist’s treatment area.

Hafefobia, haftefobia is the fear of being touched. Because it is impossible to avoid touch during dental examination and treatment, this phobia can seriously hinder the fight against oral diseases.

Halitophobia – fear of stinking breath. This phobia could be an obstacle to dental treatment in a situation where the patient does not want to expel the chewing gum from the mouth refreshing. But also this phobia can lead to a ruin – if the affected patient will constantly refresh the breath with sweet peppermint or eucalyptus candies. It may also result in a deterioration of the condition of the oral mucosa or even xerostomia (dry mouth), when the patient will permanently apply refreshing breath to mouthwashes containing alcohol in the composition.

Konterphobia (the desire to experience situations that cause fear) is an example of a phobia in which the patient comes to the dentist just to be afraid. This awaited / provoked fear can very strongly turn the spiral of fear and effectively hinder treatment, diagnostics or communication with the staff of the office.

Toxophobia – fear of poisoning, fear of toxins.


Prevention of heart disease is closely related to oral hygiene . This fact is confirmed by numerous scientific studies carried out among patients suffering from various diseases. Statistically, cavities of dental nature most often lead to cardiac complications. By nurturing your teeth with due accuracy, you reduce the risk of heart attacks and other fatal conditions associated with your can check here infomation about zapalenie okostnej.


Reflecting on the hardest part of our body , bones come to mind at once. We follow a good trail, or more precisely, it is the enamel of our teeth that is the most resistant mechanically. Although it is extremely durable, but this strength has its limits, so we strongly advise you not to open a bottle with a drink with your teeth. Remember that once damaged enamel will never regenerate again.

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